Injuries & Disability

Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA specialises in compensation payouts, reinvestment strategies and forensic detection of superannuation and insurance policies, and we are able to boast an exemplary success rate.

The types of Injuries or Disabilities you can claim for

Making sense of what you can and cannot claim for can be quite confusing, most policies will cover you for injury during work, some policies also give you additional coverage for injuries or accidents that occur outside of work. If you are off work due to your health whether physical or mental you are not sure of your future work opportunities we may also be able to help you make a claim for a lump sum payment.

Here is a brief and concise list of the types of injuries or disabilities you can claim for;

  • Total and Permanent Disability (Mental or Physical)
  • Stress or Trauma
  • Physical Injury (temporary or permanent)
  • Death (in some cases others may claim your policy in the event of your death)

In the case of many injuries including stress or trauma your ability to make a claim is dependent on the wording of your policy. We can help you make sense of your policy and in most cases assist you make a claim.

Read on below to find out more about making a claim.

Can I make a Claim?

If you are off work due to your health, whether physical or mental and you are not sure of your future work opportunities make sure you get in touch with us.

There may be potential for a claim through your current or previous policies that you may not be aware of.

Financial Lifestyle Solutions are the experts at helping people locate insurance and successfully claim on that cover for their clients.

  • we provide support throughout the whole claim process
  • process and manage the claims on your behalf
  • we are able to assist you with completion of forms and liaise directly with the insurance provider
  • we ensure payments are received in the most tax efficient manner
  • we provide advice on the best way to utilise any benefits, which may be by reducing your debt or commencing a tax free income stream
  • we work with YOU and we only get paid if you get paid

Hidden Claim Case Study

This Case Study will focus on how FLS has managed to find Claims people did not know existed.

Toni was a 40 year old female who previously worked in the hospitality industry referred by her solicitor.  She was suffering severe post traumatic stress and had not worked for 4 years.  After extensive research we were able to locate some insurance and subsequently lodged 3 claims which were all subsequently approved for the combined sum of $267,000.  Toni was not eligible for Centrelink benefits for approximately 2 ½ years and we were able to commence an income stream for her to receive a regular income.  Toni is now recovering and is attempting to return to the workforce on a part-time basis.

Customer Testimonial

“Financial Lifestyle Solutions is very much like a financial family to me. They have ensured a financial stability that has enabled me to be free to commit to other aspects of my life without being troubled about money. Their support, guidance and attention to detail in regards to what financial package would be best for my particular situation has changed my life and I’m extremely thankful to have them as my financial support base.”